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Our Story

A blissful night of uninterrupted sleep. That moment of pure relief when your head hits your pillow after a seemingly endless day. The prospect of an evening comprising just you, your couch and your favourite TV show. And an outrageously calorific meal. That feeling of euphoria when you grudgingly wake up for work thinking about how badly you want to go back to sleep, only to realize that it’s a holiday and that you can! The excitement of a girls’ sleepover after years: an uninterrupted dish session without the hassle of men, makeup or manners! The Sunday vibe – a day of unapologetic and entirely aimless lounging around the house.

These are the moments we wait for, the ones we cherish and the kind that push us to valiantly battle the rigors of the week. These are the moments truly worth celebrating.

So, slow down, step back, relax and celebrate these moments in Mint and Cotton.

Mint & Cotton is an ode to all those who appreciate the value of premium night and lounge wear. It’s our way of saying we recognize the need to feel as great as you look while relaxing or simply hanging out!

Our nightwear puts a truly chic spin on comfort; we’ve taken our unique, quirky prints to exquisitely luxe and comfortable fabric. And to ensure that you feel an indelible personal connect with these special garments to which you’re likely to dedicate your most precious hours of relaxation, we also offer the option to monogram your sets with the initials of your choice.

In addition to relaxation, Mint & Cotton also celebrates relationships. We do this by offering matching pyjama sets for mothers and daughters as well as special custom orders for bridesmaids.

Based in New York, Mint & Cotton combines an international design aesthetic with artisan fabric. Every aspect of our nightwear is considered with much care whether it is the kind of buttons we use, the labels on the garments or the packaging in which you receive them.

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